I'm committed to having as gentle an impact as possible on the environment. To this end, I take the reuse, reduce, recycle mantra very seriously! Many of my materials are recycled; much of my fabric is cut up thrift store clothing, a lot of the thread I use is donated by my artistic friends who need to occasionally reduce their craft stash, and I buy hoops and floss at yard sales and thrift stores when possible. I generally try to acquire materials that are used or discarded. I reuse packaging that comes to me and to various friends and family, and when I buy new I purchase from Ecoenclose, a fantastic company that provides shipping materials that are recycled, reused, biodegradable, etc. Check them out, they are doing great work and provide excellent products!


You could describe me as obsessive, though I really wish you would not. I prefer to think of my perfectionism about embroidery as passion. Whatever you call it, I am very picky about my stitching and about what I present as a finished product. I might slack in other areas, but when it comes to my work I give it my all and am not happy with a piece unless it meets my high standards. I do this because it pleases me, and also because people spend their hard-earned cash on my pieces and I think they deserve the very best I can offer.




I have worked hard to hone my individual style. Finding your artistic voice is a long process, and I don't think I've reached any kind of stasis - I look forward to the evolution of my work and am eager to see where the journey takes me. I look at lots of other art and incorporate themes that I appreciate, but I know the difference between influence and appropriation. I'm not sure where these ideas come from, and I sometimes wish my style were a little less time-consuming and persnickety, but there it is, at least for the time being. My pledge to myself and to my audience is to continue to stay true to what feels authentic and right, and to avoid any comparisons that make me feel like chucking it all and starting over!